Five Tips for Wayne State Online Students

Reading: Remember much of your course information and instruction will be delivered online and in written form—so reading is a key to success at Wayne State Online.

Communication: Unlike in a traditional setting, your professor may not be able to physically see you to pick up non-verbal cues when you need additional instruction or direction. You will have to communicate with your professor and ask questions in order to receive additional guidance from your instructor. Ultimately, you will be responsible for initiating added contact—so communication is also be key to a successful experience at Wayne State Online. 

Time Management: Managing your time will be crucial to your success at Wayne State online. Try to designate a certain time each day to work on your online course. Just as you will be responsible for initiating more contact with your instructor; you are also the solely responsible for managing your time in the online course.

Participation: Remember your professor may not be able to physically see you in your online class. So, it’s not only important that you show up, but it’s equally important that your professor and classmates hear from you. Each student’s participation can add a sense of community in your online class.

Patience: Do not expect an instantaneous response to your questions from your professor. Remember, just because it’s an online class does not mean that your professor will be physically online 24/7 all day every day.